EAG Fleece Show 2020

EAG fleece show will be held on the 15th August 2020 with the show being judged by Mr. Nick Harrington-Smith. We will only be able to hold the show if there are at least 60 entries. Obviously the show will only be able to go ahead if holding it is consistent with government guidelines at the time for Covid-19.

Fleeces will be judged on Saturday 15th August and we hope to run a virtual workshop about Fibre on Sunday 16th August with the judge, Nick Harrington-Smith.

Entries open 1st May 2020. The closing date will 30th July 2020 or when the maximum number has been achieved. Entries and payment are via the BAS Pedigree Registry “Manage your herd”.

Entry fee: £14.40 (includes VAT and BAS show levy). Fleeces are only confirmed as entered once payment is received.

Entries and entry fees are made via the BAS website , via ‘Manage Your Herd’, once you have entered you have committed to pay for your entries.

Fleeces should be sent to Mrs Viv Hamilton clearly marked EAG Fleece Show, New Parkside, Braintree Road, Wethersfield, Essex, CM7 4AD. Make sure that they will arrive by 11th August.

Please pack fleeces cut side out, in individual unmarked clear plastic bags, with its entry form (entry forms are generated when the on-line entry is made via the ‘print entry forms’ button).  If you didn’t print them when you entered you can do them later – just choose ‘display current entries’ under the ‘show entries’ option.

Please also specify what you would like done with your fleeces after the show. If other events are taking place subject to Covid-19 regulations we will do our best to arrange free transfer for you.  If you are entering another show (Fairwinter Farm September Fibre Event, Somerset or HoE Autumn Fleece Show) – please advise that you want the fleeces sent on to the other show and include the forms for that show as well as your forms for our show.    If fleeces are to be posted back to you, please include a return address label – you will be sent an invoice (for £7.50 + VAT) and it is your responsibility to pay promptly. Any fleeces without instructions will be donated to the BAS for training purposes.

For further information please contact Harley Laver on 07934463342 or Email: info@churchfieldalpacas.co.uk

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