From Issue 2 of our newslettter September 2015

Now that winter is on its way and the daylight hours are getting shorter it will soon be time to administer vitamin D to your alpacas.  winter is on its wayIn their native country there are long hours of daylight all year round and bright skies, but here in the UK it is necessary to supplement your alpaca with Vitamin D to avoid lameness.  Vitamin D is mixed with Vitamins A & E and can be administered either as a paste or as an injection.

Now that all your cria have been born it is time to get them micro-chipped and registered with the British Alpaca Society.  It is not necessary to ear tag them but ear tag numbers need to be provided for registration with the BAS.  Once the cria are weaned and have settled down away from their mothers then the fun starts with halter training.  It is a good idea to halter train as not only is it enjoyable to walk them on a halter, it is necessary if you wish to show them and moving them around the farm or taking them to the vet is easier on a halter.  Don’t forget that alpacas need annual vaccination against clostridial diseases.  Vaccines must be kept in the fridge as the active ingredient can be destroyed when not refridgerated.  Try not to vaccinate your pregnant females  in the early stages of pregnancy.


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