Eastern Alpaca Group held an auction of stud services on 28th January 2017 at our post-Christmas Social Event.  The stud auction is closed but these fantastic machos are all available in our region.

Below is a list of the studs who featured in the auction – contact the owners for a great opportunity to acquire some new prize-winning genetics in your herd.  Click on the image or name for more details of each stud.

tornadoMelford Green Tornado: Proven stud.

Solid Black Huacaya



Contact: David and Sally Berry of Berryfield Alpacas.


Appledene Apollo: Proven stud

Solid Mid Fawn Huacayaappledene-apollo-of-moat-fa-cropped

SIRE:  Eringa Park the Commandante of ACC

DAM: Appledene Juliette

Contact: Sally and Simon Ilett of Moat Alpacas



Houghton Day Breaker: Proven stud

Solid Light Fawn Huacaya

SIRE:  Cambridge Navigator of ACC;

DAM: Houghton Daisy

Contact: Harley Laver of Churchfield Alpacas

Willowbank Highflyer: Proven stud.

Solid White Huacayawillowbank-high-flyer-cropped

Sire: Wellground Close Encounter

Dam: Wellground Beyond Compare

Contact: Becky Colwill of Lopham Alpacas



EP Cambridge Courage: Proven stud.

Solid White Huacaya

Sire: NWA Ltd Ruffo

Dam: Jolimont Maria Antonia

Contact: Liz Giblin of Butlers Farm Alpacas



Wimmera Skies Jacomo of Woodbine. Proven Stud

Solid Black Huacaya

Sire: Wyntaissa Midnight Son

Dam: Wimmera Skies Samira ET

Contact: David Cooper& Pauline Sandell of Woodbine Farm Alpacas

baliusHilly Ridge Balius Blue: Proven stud

Solid Light Fawn Suri

Sire: Larden Augustus

Dam:  Larden Beattrice

Contact: Viv Hamilton of Park Side Suri Alpacas

Bozedown Rebellion: Proven studrebellion

Solid Dark Brown Huacaya

Sire: Bozedown Bourbon

Dam:  Bozedown Spritza

Contact: Jo Bridge of Hilly Ridge Alpacas