Eastern Alpaca Group
Annual General Meeting
Held on Saturday 1st July 2017 at 7.30pm
At The White Horse Inn

Present: Rob Wales, David Cooper, Pauline Sandell, Emma Taylor, Harley Laver, plus 10 EAG members

1. Apologies
Viv Hamilton.
The Chairman reported that Viv Hamilton will be standing down from the committee and that a replacement for her is needed who would be prepared to take on the Newsletter and IT work. The job could be split if necessary. The Chairman thanked Viv for her time on the Committee.
2. Welcome by the Chairman
The Chairman said that the regional group has been running for two years and that the next event in the calendar would be the second fleece show. Last year there were 127 entries and this year there has been 198 entries. Next year there will be another fleece show and a halter show and the Committee has discussed the idea of combing the two. To be able to hold a halter show, the Chairman explained that EAG would need to have £10,000 in the bank and that looking at the end of year accounts he felt confident that EAG is heading in the right direction. Rob said that the Committee had worked extremely hard organizing various events, workshops etc and that feedback from members is very important. He would like to see more members getting involved and putting forward ideas, venues and help.
3. Treasurer’s Report
The audited and signed copy of the two year’s accounts had been circulated to all members by email before the meeting. David Cooper reported that EAG had done extremely well to end up with a balance of £3311.25 in the first year and another successful year has produced a balance at the end of May 2017 of £5182.54. Within that balance some of the fleece show expenses have already been paid. There were no questions on the accounts.
4. Any Other Business
Simon Ilett gave a vote of thanks to the Committee.

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